Installation of Stellar heaters is simple. For you to fully enjoy the warmth and comfort they must be installed well and securely mounted. For the convenience and safety of the customer, Stellar has created an extensive network of electricians and installers (not only in Poland and France but worldwide) who can perform the entire service.

After your purchase of heaters on our website. An Installer servicing your area will contact you to learn about your expectations, to examine technical capabilities of the premises and provide the price of their service.

If necessary, make an appointment to check the technical capabilities of the premises that is needed to prepare a quote.

The valuation of the installation service will be sent to you, by Stellar. After accepting the quote and payment, the installer will contact you again to arrange and perform the installation.

Customer satisfaction is the most important for us, therefore, after installation, please complete the acceptance report for Installation works and services conducted.

Installation of heaters is possible both via Installers recommended by Stellar and other installers and electricians of your choice. Stellar does not charge any fees for recommending an installer, it is only an intermediary between you, the customer and the independent installer. To help and guide you smoothly through the entire process from the purchase of a heater to its installation.

You have full freedom to go into private arrangements with the installer recommended by us.
However, Stellar can provide support for installations made only by recommended Installers, where we had the ability to monitor offers and make suggestions or changes as needed.